Monsoon is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The pleasant rain, cool and dark weather are all reasons that make everyone happy. It is also the time to enjoy some hot and tasty food in the cold weather. Today we are going to look at some of the most amazing and all-time favorite food trends during monsoon;


  1. Hot tea – It would be unfair to begin a list of food trends for monsoon with anything other than Tea. There`s nothing like a cup of hot, steaming tea on a cold, wet and rainy monsoon day. There are many options to choose from, such as Green tea, that helps fight cold and cough, or White tea that helps reduce the risk of cancer, Black tea that helps reduce plaque, Matcha tea or Darjeeling tea. You can even have a healing and healthy herbal tea in the cold weather if you`re not a fan of the usual tea or coffee.


  1. Snacks – Tea is best served Hot, Steamy, and alongwith freshly cooked snacks on the side. The hot tea coupled with snacks are the perfect combination during a spell of cold rains. You can go for the evergreen Samosa, which by the way is now available in different kinds, from Manchow, to Paneer, to even Chocolate samosa. Bhajias or Pakodas, made from either bread, besan or any other ingredient are among the most desired snacks during the rainy season, as also are Hot and freshly fried Samosas with chutney.


  1. Soups – The first instinct on facing a cold rainy weather is to want to feel warm and comfortable. Soup is the best answer in this case. It not only gives us warmth and heat, but also Is good for the health during the rainy season. There are many healthy options that one choose from, such as Black bean, Light French onion soup, Tortilla soup or Ginger Lentil soup.


  1. Healthy fruits – Monsoon is not only the season of rains and cold weather, but also allergies, infections and indigestion problems. As a result, it is very important for us to keep eating healthy foods and manage a balanced diet to avoid indigestion. Monsoon fruits help keep diseases away and ensure that you stay healthy during this period. Jamun is low in calories and packed with various nutrients. Cherries contain anti-oxidants that help the brain to relax. Peach has a healthy dose of Vitamin C which helps build immunity and apples are the evergreen fruit to have.


  1. Chaat – Chaat is also a favorite during monsoons. They are easy and quick to prepare, and ensure that the foodie does not feel hungry in the cold weather. There are different kinds of chaat products that one can have. While the ubiquitous Paani puri, Bhel Puri are evergreen chaat items, if you would like to go for safer options, you can consider the following – Hot Corn with salt and lemon is one of the safest and the tastiest chaat. The Vada Paav, staple food of Mumbai is an evergreen item to have, served on the side with Chilli and the chutney. The Maharashtrian dish of Sabudana Vada is another classic. The hot vada with the chutney and sauce is heavenly. Idli Saambhar is a tasty and safe food to have that is easily digestible, and contains proteins, fibres and nutrients.

Monsoon season is one of the most delightful and pleasant times of the year. These food trends will hopefully guide you towards eating well and healthy during this monsoon!