A restaurant`s name is the first thing that builds an image in the customer’s mind, it is indeed the first impression of your place. It helps to have a catchy, memorable name that a customer can relate immediately and also builds Brand Recognition. The name may reflect the restaurant`s theme, location, concept or even be a play on words.

Let us look at some of the things you need to remember while naming your restaurant;


  1. Something that makes you unique


A restaurant`s name is one of the best ways to attract customers. If you are operating in a heavily populated area with lots of other restaurants, it makes sense to have a unique name that makes you stand apart from the rest. If your cooking is inspired by your mother, or you want to name your concept restaurant after something, it can be a great way to increase customer interaction, and you can even include the story behind the restaurant as a part of your branding. While using a copycat name makes it easier to enter a market, it becomes difficult to create brand loyalty in the long run.


  1. The theme of your place


A theme refers to the overall décor and ambience of a place. If your restaurant is based on a rainforest theme, it makes sense to include some of that in your name. You can even name your restaurant according to the special cuisine that is served at your place. This helps customers feel like they are getting a unique experience and are more likely to come back or suggest others to visit to your restaurant.


  1. Make sure the name is marketable


While having a humorous name for a restaurant seems like fun, it can become difficult to market it, and may lead customers away if they don`t find it funny, or if they find it rude. With online marketing strategies quickly taking over traditional marketing, it is also important to have a short and sweet name that can be marketed on Social Media and Search Engines. Having a simple and sensible name ensures that it gets ‘Mentions’ on Social media as customers review or talk about your restaurant.


  1. Use your Location


While using the restaurant`s location is an easy way to get recognition in the particular area, it can be difficult to scale it to other locations. You would have to be innovative in the way you include the location of your restaurants in your naming. One way to do it is to include historical or other attributes regarding the place in your naming rather than just the address or street number.


  1. Avoid trademarked names


While it can be tempting to use names that are already popular in the market, you must remember that you get dragged into a legal wrangle if the brand finds out about you. It is best to stay away from such names or any combination of such names and instead focus on what makes your restaurant unique and build your own brand.

No matter what name you select, it is important that it is different from the rest and reflects your brand and philosophy. You should brainstorm with your team, come up with different ideas and then evaluate the alternatives based on your thinking, employee feedback and even some potential customer feedback.