We all know the importance of Social Media in today`s business world. While there are many ways to market your restaurant on websites, blogs and directories, one of the most effective and relatively inexpensive way of increasing sales is to adhere to Social Media marketing. While a lot of restaurant owners hesitate in setting up their Social Media profiles and marketing themselves online, it would be unwise to do so, since most of their target audience is online and research is a regular exercise that people do before they decide to visit it.

Let us look at some of the ways in which you can use Social media to improve your restaurant sales:

  1. Post beautiful images

A post on social media now has to do with visual content more than any other part. Your restaurant creates beautiful dishes everyday and you can use this to your advantage by clicking beautiful pictures of the dishes prepared, under good lighting, garnishing them a little, and posting them on your social media profiles. You can even use the Instagram filters available to edit the pictures to give them a better look.


  1. Share interesting content

You can use Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about the latest happenings in your restaurant. Like about new promotions, dishes , special events, interesting information about ingredients or food related facts, recipes, and so on. As you consistently post content about your restaurant, customers are more likely to remember your place and come back for another meal.


  1. Promote your Niche –

A lot of restaurants or eateries have their own niche, such as a theme or a specialty. Social media is the best way to market such places, since the target audience is easy to reach and it makes you stand out from the usual hangout or restaurants. If you add a new theme or some new items in accordance with the theme, you can also share that using social media and reach millions of people.


  1. Encourage patrons to check-in and post feedback

Facebook has an option to Check-in to the place you are at, and share that with your friends on Facebook. This is a very popular feature and is used by people who like to hangout to show that they`re having a good time. You can encourage more of your patrons to do the same as it increases your footprint on Social Media. Second of all, you can also ask your customers to post feedback about the restaurant on the various portals. The feedback should be followed up with a prompt and positive response from your end to show that you value the customer`s opinion.


  1. Don`t overdo it

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to Social media marketing is to follow a disciplined and mature approach. You must not go over-board with content on social media which might bother your followers and result in them unfollowing you. Use the optimum number of hashtags to convey the idea about your post, and avoid using too many hashtags. When sharing interesting or informational content, it makes sense to follow a 80-20 approach, with 80% of the space for the content, and only 20% of your own marketing.

So as we have seen, social media can be used as an effective tool for restaurant marketing. Once you have done this for some time, you can measure the metrics that got affected, positively or negatively after these marketing campaigns and then decide on the future course for your strategy.