Interior Design Services

Maximizing real estate and understanding building economics is a key part of the expertise we bring to the table. We reduce risk while maximizing the return by being fully immersed in the construction, design, and build with contractors, architects, designers, developers, and all stakeholders in the project. We are smart, nimble, and proactive with our approach and sit firmly at the center of all these moving and revolving parts.

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Important update

This post is to confirm that Pablo Arani Ray is no longer part of Valiant Hospitality (a unit of Valiant Foods LLP) in any capacity effective from 8th February 2018. Kindly direct any existing work or future work related queries to Regards,...

Advisory Board Announcement!

Valiant Hospitality is proud to announce that Anirudh Arora will be joining the Valiant Hospitality Advisory Board. We're thrilled to make this announcement. His thought leadership, attention to detail and recipe innovation will be a tremendous asset to guiding the...