While serving amazing food is crucial for any restaurant, the ambiance and feel of your place is just as important as what you are serving in plates and glasses. People like to spend time and enjoy the activity of eating out at your place just as much as they like having the food. Having a well co-ordinated color scheme helps attract the attention of people towards your place and helps them remember your place for longer.

Let us look at some of the most important things you need to remember when selecting the specific colours for your restaurant to attract guests:

  1. Consistency

When you select a color scheme, ensure that it is consistent across all your properties, communications and branding, online or offline. This helps customers remember and recall your brand wherever they see it. Using confusing or inconsistent colors can be damaging to your brand`s perception among guests.


  1. Red and Yellow for Casual or Fast Dining

The Color Red and Yellow stimulate the appetite and ignite primal food desires. These can be used by restaurants to market instinct-driven eating. It also implies a speedy dining experience, as a result, fast food joints normally opt for these colours, since their goal is to serve current customers and get other customers into their restaurants as quickly as possible.


  1. Green or Orange for Fine Dining

Warm or less bright colors lead to a sense of feeling of elegance, relaxed and a comfortable experience. Dark browns and black can be used by Meat-serving restaurants, whereas a combination of orange and green can be used by vegetarian restaurants as it creates a sense of happiness and freshness.


  1. Blues

The color Blue is an appetite suppressant and hence is not a very popular color in restaurants. Some of the reasons for it are that it provokes the kidney. Second of all, it is rarely found in nature, except for blueberries and some rare potatoes. On the other hand, blue does ignite a sense of thirst and works well with bar and beverage settings.


  1. Composition

You must choose colors that identify with the theme of your restaurant. The font and colors should be clear and legible. Normally restaurants tend to go for warm colors. You can opt to go for a contrast that is popularly used – a light color on a dark background, or vice-versa.

The color of food and the appeal it generates is very closely linked. The colors that you choose are a key part of the Customer Loyalty you gain, since customers will want to come back to your restaurant only if they feel comfortable at your place. While there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to deciding on specific colors for your restaurant, it is important to keep in mind the way customers respond to your idea about different colors and then decide on the one you would want to go ahead with.